Having worked for some of the worlds greatest sports franchises and being featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine. Isaiah know’s what’s required to reach your ultimate potential in the corporate world. This program will leave your employees empowered and on fire for excellence


During his 5yr stint at the University of Washington Isaiah competed in 3 sports, had 5 head coaches and was the face of the University’s Football Program. In his uniquely tailored presentations Isaiah addresses topics ranging from time management, social impact, decision making, leadership, career planning and more.


In this program Isaiah is able to connect with students utilizing his experience as an undergraduate study at Univ. of Washington and EMBA experience at George Washington University. Transition, identity and impact are a few of the topics covered


With a passion for those who put others before themselves, Isaiah can identify with our valued military veterans. Seemingly insurmountable odds and team work are two areas Isaiah relates with our troops. Transition and self worth are other components that are addressed during this motivational program.